The audience listened with an intensity that was palpable, knowing that they were in the presence of great musical performance 


Dear All,

Thank you for coming to hear the concerts. It was such a joy and pleasure to play for a live audience! Most of the concerts were sold out (to the capacity we were allowed) and so there was a great atmosphere.

We felt a strong connection to you all. A kind of deep listening, great attention and a brilliant reception. Thank you!!

Live chamber music of the highest quality has returned to York! I do hope you will come again next year and to events that we might be running between now and then.

Tim Lowe

(Artistic Director and Festival Cellist)


❝ This was world class playing full of sensitivity, colour and playing of such intensity that time seemed to stand still. 


❝ All the angst, passion and love in the Mendelssohn was beautifully captured by the quartet. It was intense, deep mind playing but which was also free and uncompromising. 


❝ These musicians played as though their very lives depended on it. And here was an audience spellbound. Truly world class performances. 


❝ The joyous Finale was dazzlingly performed leading to a headlong upward rush of sound, a fitting way to bring York Chamber Music Festival 2021 to its conclusion. 

diary dates for the 2022 festival 15 -18 September

Steven Isserlis (Cello)

Festival Patron